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Fine Art Photography, Wall Art Prints and Giclees on Canvas

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Museum quality wall art made with the latest high-definition digital technology is an excellent choice in corporate art and home decor. Laser printers create long-lasting and beautifully perfect images on silver-halide photography paper. The latest and best 6-color Iris printers are used to create giclee fine art prints on watercolor paper and fine art prints on canvas that are virtually indistinguishable from the original. The resulting artwork, matted and framed or stretched on canvas, dramatically enhances morale and esthetic mood. Art heals and enlivens the soul. The experience of living in your own personal art gallery is truly impressive and uplifting. 

We should know. We are a brick & mortar fine art and fine craft gallery one-half mile from Lake Michigan in the middle of the beautiful little town of Harbert, Michigan, 80 miles from the center of the Chicago Loop. (Here's a map.) Our lives are dedicated to making and showing & sharing artwork with the world. We can't live without it.

Come join us in the celebration of the celebration of the enchantment and magic of Art!

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